Appeals & Application Refusals

If you are hit by the devastating news of your immigration file being refused,

We highly recommend you to get in touch with us as soon as possible. Time is the key factor in such cases. In certain scenarios, a refused immigration file can be challenged. Decisions may be reversed under humanitarian and compassionate considerations for Family Sponsorship.

As luck would have it, you may have a second chance. A Canada immigration officer‘s decision to refuse an application may be challenged if that decision was wrong in fact or in law, or if that decision is not in accordance with the principles of procedural fairness.

You may allow us to represent your case to provide you with a detailed analysis of the refusal decision. We shall also advise you on ways to reverse the decision made by an Immigration Officer.


You may also retain our services for wrongful refusals in the case of family sponsorships, to the Immigration Appeal Division as well as Refugee claims.

Residency Cases

Some applicants may not fulfil residency requirement of permanent residence.

Such cases are handled professionally and with detailed analysis of how your life could be effected taking into considerations of your family and social ties to Canada. If you would like to discuss your residency concern, feel free to contact us. We shall review your case thoroughly and provide detailed suggestions and input in order to build a strong case.