Provinces offering Nominee Programs

Provincial Nominee Jobs available to support your Express Entry profile.

Applicants who intend to live in Canada have skills, education and work experience to to the economy of the province or territory where they want to live, they may get permanent residency under the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). PNP immigration streams can be classified as:

  • Express Entry
  • Skilled Worker,
  • International Graduates,
  • Business Immigration,
  • Family, and Semi-Skilled Worker

Each province and territory (except Quebec) has its own eligibility requirement and immigration programs for their PNP.

If individuals meet eligibility requirements which are different in accordance with provinces, they can apply for PNP under the categories that fit for them. Most of provinces use point system to assess individuals’ eligibility with various criteria.

British Columbia (BC PNP)

1. EEBC – Skilled Worker

  • EEBC – Health Care Professional
  • EEBC – International Post – Graduate

2. Skilled Worker

  • Health Care Professional
  • International Graduate
  • International Post-Graduate
  • Entry Level and Semi-Skilled

3. Entrepreneur Immigration

Nova Scotia PNP (NPNP)

2.International Graduate entrepreneur
3.Skilled Worker
4.Nova Scotia Experience: Express Entry

Manitoba PNP (MPNP)

2.International Graduate entrepreneur
3.Skilled Worker
4.Nova Scotia Experience: Express Entry

Alberta PNP (AINP)

1.Strategic Recruitment Stream
2.Employer-Driven Stream
3.Self-Employed Farmer Stream

Saskatchewan (SINP)

1.International Skilled Worker Category
2.Saskatchewan Experience Category
3.Entrepreneur and Farm Category

Ontario PNP (OINP)

1.Foreign Workers
2.International Student with a job offer
3.International Masters Graduates
4.International phD Graduates


  • Yukon
  • Northwest Territories
  • Nunavut
  • Newfoundland & Labrador
  • New Brunswick

The provincial nomination programs have been active for several years and shown effective results to economically benefit provinces. There are several ways to obtain a Provincial Nomination. If you have an employer or are an employer looking to sponsor your employee for nomination. You can contact us, as the process requires detailed documentation and information of the employers it is always best to hire professional to take care of business.

Also, if you would like to immigrate in the business streams under any of the PNP programs, we can provide vital input to ensure a smooth transition.